Check Out The Experiments, Horror & Creep Factor Of JJ Abrams’ ‘Overlord’

If you’re in the mood to watch a bunch of dudes traipse around the tunnels of an old church while dressed in military garb, hello. Take a seat and rest your weary legs coz you’re going to wanna get your butt over to see Overlord ASAP.

It’s the latest R18+ flick from big fancy producer JJ Abrams and features a buncha American soldiers tasked with destroying a radio transmitter on top of a church in Normandy. Oh and did I mention it’s set juuuust before D-Day in World War Two?

Prep your body to have the chills coz yep, this movie is disturbing and creepy AF. It’s one you’re gonna wanna take your best pal to (mostly so you can hide behind them if it gets too much for ya).

We were lucky enough to have a gander at the film earlier, so have a squiz at our fave three takeaways from Overlord (which was directed by an Aussie too – Julius Avery).

1. Human experiments are creepy AF

Without giving too much away, Overlord features some German soldiers who have been… let’s say… altered. And frankly it’s quite something to see. Let’s be honest, we’re absolutely going to go see anything with creepy human experiments in it. It is just law – I simply must see the experiments. Show me more of the experiments.

I don’t care if the sight of them makes me squirm. In fact, the more they do, the better. And let me tell you that the special effects team had an absolute field day when it came to varying slimes. We’re talking different colours, consistencies and I can only imagine tastes.

In seriousness though, the idea of human experimentation being carried out in WWII isn’t a new one, but it’s still speculated about enough that I’m strangely enthralled by the concept.

2. The female lead is more of a badass than the boys

Yes, war movies are usually a boys club full of big ol’ blokes with big ol’ guns. BUT. One thing that I really loved about Overlord was how badass the lead female character is.

French villager Chloe, played by Mathilde Ollivier, is not only multilingual but is also sneaky, protective, the leader of her broken little family AND she looks utterly terrifying while bearing a flamethrower.

You may be thinking, ‘most people look pretty intimidating while wielding a flamethrower’. You’d be absolutely right, but there’s something quite excellent about a French girl from a quiet little village blasting super soldiers with magnificent plumes of fire. I love her.

3. Pilou Asbaek is satisfyingly evil

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ve probs come across Pilou Asbaek before. For those not in the know, Asbaek played Euron Greyjoy, a piratey dude who is only out for himself and operates a whooooole buncha ships. Not a great bloke by all accounts.

The character he plays in Overlord though? Seriously bad fella. Asbaek definitely draws the eye as a sinister German SS officer named Wafner. He’s an evil looking dude at the best of times, but let me tell you, the character undergoes a transformation that really only adds to the evil. True evil depths.

Just when you think someone has reached maximum capacity for nefarious and malicious activity, just inject them with some cheeky super serum and render them even more powerful. It’ll definitely end well. You can absolutely trust me on that one.

So look, if you like splatter films and have a particular affinity for slime-covered super soldiers, you’re definitely going to appreciate Overlord‘s whole vibe. Check out the trailer below for some spooks and get yourself all riled up for the action, and get tickets HERE.

Aww yeah.