Cop A Look At The Brand New Escape Room Flick If Traps & Puzzles Are Your Jam

escape room tournament of champions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if an escape room was trying to kill you? Well, that’s kinda the idea behind the movie Escape Room, which just copped a wild new sequel, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

For those unfamiliar with the original, it follows six people who are invited to solve an elaborate escape room, lured in with the promise of a $10,000 prize. As I’m sure you can imagine, things start to take a deadly turn when the obstacles and puzzles get a little bit, uh, aggressive.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions picks up after the events of the first film, unwillingly throwing participants into escape rooms where they least expect them, like on a goddamn train as the trailer below demonstrates.

As the movie progresses, the participants begin to realise they’ve all been a part of these rogue escape rooms before, which really does makes it a Tournament of Champions.

Scary, no? I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to step foot in an escape room again without irrationally fearing for my life. Tournament of Champions stars Taylor Russell (Waves), Logan Miller (Love, Simon), Thomas Cocquerel (Red Dog: True Blue), Holland Roden (Lost), Indya Moore (Pose) and more.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is in cinemas in VIC, SA, NT, regional WA and regional NSW now, from July 3 in QLD and WA’s Perth & Peel regions, and from July 15 in areas currently affected by the NSW COVID-19 lockdowns. Check in with your local cinema if you aren’t sure.