Watch Ariana Grande Lose Her Mind Trying To Beat A Haunted Escape Room

James Corden x Ariana Grande

James Corden of The Late Late Show has unleashed a little video of himself and Ariana Grande trying to beat an escape room, and not just any escape room but a goddamn haunted-horror-themed one.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

To preface this I will say I have done a fair few escape rooms myself so I like to think I know the gist of the game. But what you’re about to see is not your average escape room. As Grande described it, it’s“one of the seven gates to hell”. 

And if you didn’t know already, you’ll see how Grande got that hand injury from a few months back. So yes, she was still engaged to old mate Pete Davidson at the time of filming.

The artist originally hopped on The Late Late Show for Corden’s iconic Carpool Karaoke segment but as they were driving around together, and discussing Halloween, Grande suggested they try their hand at an escape room.

So they did… or at least tried to.

ANYWHOO: at one point in the video, a crawling demon thingo suddenly appears and lunges at Grande’s ankle, fully tripping her over which causes the hand injury.

As the duo regroup in the iconic carpool karaoke car, Grande is donning the bandage.

Catch the full video below.

That escape room is a big bloody NOPE.

Side note: Grande’s shoes that shine in the dark? Need ’em.

BUT, for curiosity’s sake I gave the hellish escape room a bit of Google so if you find yourself in Los Angeles in the future and feel like shitting yourself, visit 60 Out escape rooms

Fun fact: one of their delightful escape rooms is called The Orphanage where little ghost children come out to play hahahahaha, what a special experience.