Eragon Is Getting A Disney+ TV Series & Author Christopher Paolini Had A Dig At The OG Film

eragon tv series

Eragon girlies rise up — author of the series and daddy Christopher Paolini has confirmed that he’ll be working very closely on the Disney+ TV adaptation of the books. Here’s hoping it puts the 2006 movie to shame.

Growing up you were either an insect girly, a dinosaur girly, a dragon girly or someone super obsessed with ancient Egyptian mythology. I was a dragon girly, and being a dragon girly opens up the gates to being an Eragon baddie. If you don’t understand what I’m saying you just aren’t sexy enough to comprehend, and you probably loved the praying mantis.

Just in case you have no idea what Eragon is, it’s about a boy named Eragon who finds a dragon egg. Simple stuff, really. The 2006 movie starring Ed Speleers as the hot lead was critically slammed as being a hot mess. It was, but I actually enjoyed it.

loved this scene from Eragon.

The series is being adapted into a television show for Disney+ and Paolini is taking the wheel, which is gorgeous. Redemption shall be ours.

“If you haven’t heard the news, Disney+ is making a television adaptation of Eragon,” Paolini said in a TikTok vid.

“I’m certainly excited, but not only that, I’m going to be producing and co-writing the show.

“I’m gonna do everything possible to make sure this is the adaptation we’ve all wanted.”

Was that a bit of shade towards the movie I detected sir? I mean, it’s totally fair. The legacy of his books really took a hit thanks to Speleers and his sexy, sexy lack of acting ability.

@christopherpaolini Eragon is coming to Disney+ 🎉 I am thrilled this TV series is in the works and will do everything in my power to make sure this is the adaptation we’ve all wanted. 💙 #fyp #paolini #Eragon #disney #authorsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Christopher Paolini

“If this ends up like the movie that shall go unnamed then we riot,” wrote on TikTok commenter.

“I literally started crying when I heard the news, I have been hoping for this for so long!! Eragon has been a part of my life for so long!!” wrote another.

“With Christopher working on it, it’s gotta be accurate and good… anything will be better than the movie,” wrote a third.

I’m praying to Saphira that the Eragon girlies can finally get a really good show. Hell, make a whole batch of seasons following the entire Inheritance Cycle. Do it, you cowards!