Aussie actress Claire Holt has take to Instagram to vent her frustration at Emily Ratajkowski, saying that the model/actress is setting unrealistic standards with her recent Instagram posts.

Emily Ratajkowski gave birth just over two weeks ago, and in recent days, has returned to Instagram, modelling a variety of sleek loungewear looks from her Inamorata Woman collection.

Holt, who gave birth to her second child in September of last year, took issue with the photos, and in a video posted to her stories, said:

“I try not to be the Grinch on here, but I really wanna say something cos it’s annoying me. If you post a picture of your completely flat stomach 10 days after having a baby and call that body positivity, to me that’s the same as posting a picture of the millions of dollars in your bank account and calling that success positivity.”

Before sharing a photo of herself two weeks after giving birth, she continued:

“It might be true, but it makes other people feel shitty about themselves, and it’s not normal, and you’re an outlier, and you’re lucky. So maybe don’t show that part? Can we just use Instagram to try and make people feel included and not feel shit about themselves?”

Ratajkowski gave birth to Sylvester Apollo Bear on April 8, calling it “the most surreal, beautiful, and love-filled morning of my life.”

She has since shared a variety of pics on Instagram, but has not yet responded to the comments by Claire Holt.

Image: Getty Images / JB Lacroix / Gregg DeGuire