Emily Blunt Opens Up About John Krasinski’s Reaction To ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Emily Blunt

A little while ago, we all awww’d in unison when John Krasinski revealed he absolutely lost it watching Mary Poppins Returns, starring his brilliant wife Emily Blunt as the iconic nanny.

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During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show late last year, Krasinski shared that he had immediately sobbed about 25 minutes in.

“25 minutes into it, I stood up and went to the back of the room. And Emily said, ‘Do you not like it? I’ve never seen this happen.’

“I was pushing through all the bagels and muffins that were in the back looking for napkins. I was like, ‘I need anything to stop this crying!’ I was crying so much! I blew through the tissue box in 20 minutes. I had to go to the napkins, and then when I ran out of the napkins, it was all sweater. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful films. I think it’s exactly what everybody needs for the holidays. It’s pure joy.”

To have your partner be so supportive and proud of you is just so goddamn sweet.

Anywhoo, speaking to Us Weekly Blunt said it was “wonderful to see him that emotional about it.” 

“And I think he himself, amongst other people I’ve spoken to, have said they don’t know why they are so emotional about it,” she continued.

The actor also revealed her dad, who “never cries”, shed a couple of tears when he watched the movie.

“It’s almost like they just … you just instantly remember yourself as a child when you start watching this film and it’s so nostalgic and, I mean, my dad cried. He never cries. Never, ever.”

For her performance, Blunt was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. The awards ceremony will air on FOX8, Monday, January 7 at 12:00pm AEDT. 

For a reboot of such a Disney classic, the film’s not doing too bad with the critics and audience. On Rotten Tomatoesthe film currently holds a 78 per cent fresh rating from critics and a 70 per cent rating from the audience.

Mary Poppins Returns is in cinemas now.