A Former Ellen Producer Celebrated The Show’s Demise By Treating Sunrise To A Chaotic Rant

Right after Ellen DeGeneres announced she was pulling the plug on her talk show, Sunrise brought on a former producer of hers who just relentlessly dragged the American TV giant as if she’d been waiting for this day for years.

Extremely disgruntled former producer Hedda Muskat, who worked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when it debuted in 2003 before moving on to other programs like Judge Judy‘s Hot Bench and America’s Got Talent, appeared on Sunrise on Thursday morning to give her hot take about the recent announcement.

“The viewers have spoken, her ratings have been in the toilet for a long, long time now, her show has not been fun, it has not been interesting,” she told Kochie and Nat.

“She’s not really stepping down – the viewers fired her.”

She added that the whole spate of recent toxic workplace allegations turned viewers off the show and off DeGeneres as a person, not because of any particular sympathy for the show’s staff but because it’s completely at odds with her image of a cute talk show host who dances over coffee tables and shit.

“I think the viewers are disappointed in the phoniness that [DeGeneres] has been projecting as a nice person,” Muskat said.

Muskat was in charge of finding human interest guests for the show, segments which have become the backbone of the show.

However, she claimed DeGeneres was rude to the these guests whereas “she loved kissing ass with all of the celebrities.”

DeGeneres is set to have a sit-down with Oprah very soon to discuss her retirement, which is sure to be essential viewing. But Muskat didn’t hold back here, either.

“Frankly I’m very disappointed that Oprah is lowering herself to interview Ellen,” she said.

“For her to interview Ellen, it’s like, ‘Why? Who cares about Ellen anymore?’”

Muskat said that she’d like to see DeGeneres’ next chapter be on a farm or something, far away from a TV studio.

“I’d like to see her work on a farm where she can relate with all the animals, and the pets, and the dogs, and the cows and the pigs,” she said.

DeGeneres is known for her love of aimals, and famously owned a multi-million dollar horse ranch with wife Portia de Rossi where they kept all sorts of animals. However, one can’t help but see other connotations in Muskat’s comment.

By the end of the interview, Kochie and Nat were stunned.

“It’s a big day for Ellen and for you as well, you’re obviously celebrating there,” Kochie said.