Here’s An Easter Twitter Thread Of Parents Pranking Their Sweet Kiddos 

As you all may have noticed, this year’s Easter is also April Fool’s Day which means just one thing – there’s even more reason to watch your back. Why? Because some parents have decided to disguise Easter eggs as grapes and or other non-chocolate substitutes to prank their lil’ innocent kiddos. Ah, sweet sweet parenting.

Said parents have posted to Twitter today with photographic evidence and while some of them are pretty funny and very creative, others are 100 per cent a Dad joke, and then there are some that are just damn MEAN.


So, you have the classic grapes wrapped in foil wrapping for the giggles.

You may think, “that ain’t too bad, grapes are pretty nice.” And I agree, but then someone did THIS.

Yes, those are a bunch of Brussels sprouts dipped in melted chocolate and nuts and then re-wrapped in Ferrero Rocher wrapping. Sickening, just sickening. To make matters even worse, in this particular tweet people started swapping ideas on how to ruin Easter.

Try and imagine innocently biting into a pearl onion.

You all need Jesus. 

Then there’s just being plain mean.

Some smart kiddos gave it back to their parents though.

Exhibit A:

And then,

That’s right, Brown E’s – that’s pretty damn adorable.

And then this not-so-adorable prank,

I mean, they must get it from someone.

Some people play dirty and just don’t follow the no-pranks-past-midday rule so make sure to watch your backs and food and have a happy rest of your Easter long weekend.