Draping: Anatomy Of An Anatomical Mad Men Meme

In a year that is proving fortuitous for akimbo limbs becoming memes, Draping is now a thing.

Not draping draping, but Don #Draping. The iconic image of a silhouetted Don Draper, back to camera, arm draped across a sofa, holding a cigarette at distance, has become the latest photo meme with its own Tumblr and AMC endorsed Twitter hashtag.

As defined by the meme’s official Tumblr, Draping is best understood as:

#Dra . ping verb
1. Striking Don Draper’s classic stretched out pose.
2. The way a person quietly lounges, basking in the smallest victory.
3. Arm up, shoulders back, you earned the moment to lay back.

What’s great about this meme (more like what isn’t great about this meme? Am I right?) is that it’s totally diplomatic. All you need is a chair, an arm and a head – which most people should have; no Photoshopping skills are required to insert disembodied limbs or make .gifs, so you don’t have to fork out for Creative Suite, which means it won’t cost you an arm or Angelina’s leg to get in on Don. And we all want in on The Don.

Via Mad Men’s Facebook