Donald Glover Says He Goes Online Undercover To Talk “As A Regular Person”

Donald Glover isn’t too keen on social media right now, and fair enough: between his music career, his upcoming turn as Lando Calrissian in the stand-alone Solo, and his work on Atlanta, the 34-year-old renaissance man probably doesn’t have much time to spare smashing that mf like.

Damn, just look at his recently-nuked Twitter account.

Speaking to Esquire for a brand-new profile, Glover said he realised the “connection” provided by social media “was too powerful for a person like me. I just would get hurt.”

But Glover has revealed he’s not entirely off the internet. In fact, he’s right there, even if you can’t find him.

“I try and find subcultures,” Donald said of his online habits. “I try and find communities. I talk to people as a regular person. It’s the only place you can be anonymous.”

That admission begs the question: where could the bloke be found? Trawling the comments of his original Derrick Comedy videos seems unlikely, so too does lingering around die-hard Childish Gambino stans on Reddit. Diving deep into Discogs for information on obscure funk records? Perhaps a little more likely.

The revelation Glover could be rubbing digital shoulders with us mere mortals is chill, but it’s markedly less important than the other factors filling Glover’s life: the entertainer also spoke about being a father, and his position as a storyteller creating “stuff that no one else will make.”

You can read the full profile HERE. Feel free to obsess over his potential forum handles afterwards.