‘Doctor Who’ Fans Are Absolutely Delighted With Their New Female Time Lord

Whovians, otherwise known as the ginormous Doctor Who fandom are bloody loving Jodie Whittaker after she made her debut as the first-ever female Doctor.

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Whittaker was announced as the franchise’s 13th Doctor back in July of last year and for the most part, fans were supportive of her however there were a decent number of others who were pissed at the gender change.

Safe to say, a lot of eyes were on Whittaker’s debut. Not to mention brand new showrunner Chris Chibnall, who you may known for his excellent work on Broadchurch – a series Whittaker also starred in.

Over the weekend, Whittaker, Chibnall, executive producer Matt Stevens, and BBC America boss Sarah Barnett appeared at New York Comic Con for a special screening of episode one.

“We’re really proud of it,” Chibnall told the crowd as reported by Deadline

“Its so hard to convey how proud you are and be something and not share it with the most important people, the fans,” Whittaker said.

The debut episode of season 11, titled The Woman Who Fell To Earth, copped a warm reaction from fans on Twitter with many praising Whittaker’s performance in the iconic role.

Others were also thrilled that the Doctor now has three companions, a nod back to the ol’ days.



Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell had this to say:




Meanwhile, fans in America were just a tad confused by the change in accent – specifically, Whittaker’s Yorkshire accent.

This about sums it up:

Of course, the premiere did attract criticism with one fan describing Whittaker’s Doctor as “boring” while another criticised the new showrunner. Others thought the episode didn’t feel very Doctor Who-y at all, some called the new Doctor “cringeworthy”. 

Episode one, season 11 aired on ABC earlier this evening but if you missed it/wanna rewatch it/judge it for yourself then you can catch the episode on ABC iview, HERE.

Watch the trailer, below.