Immediately Hate But Froth Diego Luna In The Full Trailer For ‘Narcos: Mexico’ 

Narcos Mexico Trailer

It’s hereeeeeee – Netflix has finally unleashed the full trailer for Narcos: Mexico, the new chapter of the hit series inspired – this time – by the birth of Mexico‘s drug war.

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As you will undoubtedly know by now, this new season of Narcos is set in a whole new country so we’ve said goodbye to Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) and hello to Michael Peña (Fury, The Martian, Ant-Man, Shooter) who stars as American DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, man on a mission to bring down Félix Gallardo – powerful drug lord.

Enter the lovely Diego Luna (Rogue One, The Terminal, Flatliners) who stars as said drug lord.

Nicknamed the El Padrino (Godfather) of Mexico during his reign, Gallardo helped lead the Guadalajara Cartel to absolute dominance in the 1980s. In short, Gallardo was able to unify a handful of traffickers in order to build his empire, one that would operate right on the United States and Mexico border.

Determined to bring Gallardo to justice, Camarena moves to Guadalajara with his wife and child but as we’ve watched in previous seasons, this isn’t going to be easy – it might even take two seasons again.

Gallardo is currently in prison.

Narcos: Mexico will hit the streaming service, November 16. 

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Christ, that’s a fucking insane trailer but I’m SO READY.

I know I’m supposed to hate Diego here but it’s not happening.

In the meantime… and in the bloody hopes Netflix hasn’t changed this utterly delicious opening theme: