Deadpool Dancing Around Céline Dion In Stilettos Is All You Need Today

It’s time. Promo for the delicious Deadpool 2 film has begun as we count down the days ’til May 18. So as Ryan Reynolds kicks off the press tour with all the interviews, he’s also dangled a tasty morsel of a music video in front of us in the form of an interpretive yet seductive dance x the vocal talent of Céline Dion.

No really, the Céline Dion has an official song in the Deadpool 2 soundtrack called Ashes and the music video dropped overnight.

It’s all very classic Céline Dion and super deep and then Deadpool’s just there whimsically frolicking around her in stilettos because of course he is.

Oh, and then at the end of the music video our two fave Canadians have a casual chat about the performance:

Deadpool: Céline! That was amazing, that was the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Céline: Thank you so much, thank you!

Deadpool: No, thank you… We need to do it again. 

Céline: Okay… Why?

Deadpool: It’s too good, this is Deadpool 2, not Titanic. You’re like an 11, we need to get you down to a five, five and a half tops. Just phone it in. 

Céline: [Fiercely gestures at herself] This thing only goes to 11, so beat it Spider-Man.

Deadpool: God, I should’ve asked NSYNC.

You may think this is a joke because Céline and Deadpool in a music video is the most random thing ever but the song has literally been uploaded to Céline’s VEVO account and she also posted about it on her Instagram.

“Over the years I’ve received some incredible songs and I’ve been involved in some amazing projects. ‘Ashes’ is one of these songs and ‘Deadpool 2’ is off-the-charts!”

The video’s already on 3 million views and is currently trending at No. 15 on Youtube.

It’s a stupid thing to say but despite Deadpool being Deadpool, this vid still got me good.

You can watch it on Youtube below.

May 18, folks and like I’ve been saying for months now – please let the celebrity cameo be Hugh Jackman. 

This, this has to be proof.