‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer Finally Confirmed Terry Crews’ Role & Fans Are Stoked

Since the second trailer for Deadpool 2 rocked our worlds overnight, people have absolutely analysed the fook out of it and lo and behold, they finally spotted Terry Crews’ immaculate smile somewhere in those glorious two minutes and 39 seconds.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can do so below.

Did ya spot him AKA Bedlam? 

So the first time we see Bedlam he’s kicking arse to the tune of A Thousand Miles (not really) then we see another split second of that beautiful smile.

Peter is not Terry, I know that, but this is honestly the best I could get ‘cos it is literally a split second shot.

Anyway, the hand holding onto Peter belongs to Deadpool who’s recruiting mutants for the X-Force. And as Deadpool says himself, it’s a “super-duper boppin’ group”. And as we now know, Bedlam is one of those super-duper members.

Bedlam, otherwise known as Jesse Aaronson has a pretty sick power and by this I mean he can make you feel some serious shit. Bedlam can penetrate your mind and fill it with confusion and or intense pain. No one knows for sure if Bedlam’s power will stay exactly the same in the Deadpool film but one thing’s for sure, Bedlam/ Terry kicks some serious butt.

Naturally, fans are very happy with the news.


That is a way better still of the above shot I was trying to show you guys. Now, you can clearly see “Bedlam”.

Also in the trailer? A-not-so-terrifying Bill Skarsgård. 

Mmmmmmm, feelings.

And that beside him giving Deadpool shit is Domino (Zazie Beetz). Domino has a sort of telekinesis power that allows her to make her own literal ‘good luck’ happen. As you do.

Other things we see in the trailer:

  • Deadpool spinning around in Professor Charles Xavier’s chair
  • Deadpool and Vanessa being adorable as per usual
  • Deadpool and Cable fighting over a fire-wielding mutant kid
  • Deadpool gropes Colossus’ butt and will probably get smashed for it
  • The studio that brought you Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses is bringing you Deadpool – what a bloody combo
  • Aussie-Japanese actor, Shiori Kutsuna with some sort of electrified weapon that will destroy a coupla enemies.

And we still don’t know who that super secret cameo’s gonna be. Again, please be real Hugh Jackman. 

May 18 is looking bloody good.