‘Deadpool 2’ Copped A Super Secret Cameo So Pls Be Real Hugh Jackman

Sooo, news has surfaced that Marvel’s Deadpool 2 has undergone a coupla re-shoots for the upcoming sequel and it’s been incredibly hush hush especially since the crew have apparently worked in a super secret cameo.

Please be Hugh Jackman or Betty H-White. 

Not to hype this film up even more but The Hollywood Reporter unleashed an exclusive claiming the sequel had scored a 98 in one of its final test screenings. Other scores were in the early to mid 90s.

So, the first film told the tale of one, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a former special ops dude who embraced the life of a fully sick mercenary…to pay the bills I guess. Then he falls in love with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and everything is all snarky but lovely until Wade gets diagnosed with a terminal cancer. So what does Wade do? Try out this experimental-but-turns-out-to-be-crazy-torture serum that kinda fucks him up a little. Bottom line – Wade becomes superhuman and after remembering crazy-experimental-dude-with-a-shit-name, Francis, he sets out to track down the douche for a cure/ revenge.

Colossus and moody Negasonic Teenage Warhead also rock up to try and recruit Wade for the X-Men but Wade’s like nah thanks.

And that’s the gist of the first film.

The second one will see a handful of characters return and a couple of new ones including Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz), members of the X-Force. 

THR reported “There was also two hours’ worth of work recently in Los Angeles for a secret cameo.” This could honestly mean anything, it could be a film scene, a breakage of the fourth-wall, or a post-credit scenes. The possibilities are endless.

So according to the numerous (dark) corners of the internet, here’s who the cameo could be.

Hugh Bloody Jackman

I meannnn, this would be pretty sick. Wolverine and Deadpool in the same frame – you couldn’t find two more polar opposites. Although Hugh has hung up his adamantium claws so he probably won’t be rocking up as Wolverine especially since Deadpool has also established Hugh already exists as himself in the movie.

It’d still be super cool though.


Gambit’s another mutant X-Men who had his own standalone film circled in but due to a lot of happenings, the movie ended up being delayed a couple of times. Now, it’s apparently due for 2019 and will star Channing Tatum as the dude with the burning red eyes.

Literally anyone else in the Marvel Universe 

It’s Marvel. Think about it. Not to mention Stan Lee. 

Sir Patrick Stewart 

Absolute babe and Professor Charles Xavier could appear and deliver some quality words of wisdom to Deadpool who most likely and probably won’t take any of it. Still, it would blow a lot of minds.

Ryan Reynolds

Fourth-breaking Ryan Reynolds could literally do this, pull it off, and everyone would love him for it.

Betty White

I have absolutely no evidence of this and I just want it to happen because the Bob Ross-inspired trailer was a hoot and a half.


May 17, friends.