Cubeecraft vs Vodafone Christmas Clones.

Christopher Beaumont’s low-fi Cubeecraft models are taking over the world one piece of A4 paper at a time.

The build-it-yourself cuboid characters – or Cubees – can come from anywhere. Classical literature, pop culture, or even US Preseident elects (Obama already has a Cubee). Each character is reformatted into a simple papercraft design that can be downloaded, printed, and then folded into shape without using any glue.

In the spirit of Xmas, Vodafone’s collaborated with Mr Beaumont on their website Vodafone Christmas Clones Click here to view the site

Vodafone’s campaign lets you choose a specially commissioned Xmas Cubeecraft character, add your face to the design, and then send the †Christmas Clone’ to friends. You can then print and build it, so you can be everywhere you want to be this Christmas. You could even hock them off to unsuspecting relatives in place of real presents (it’s the thought that counts right?)

Beaumont took over a year to fine tune his Cubeecraft model, which he came up with while taking a course in packaging design. He created a site to share designs with his friends, and interest blew up.

‘I get e-mail from all over the world. I have heard of [Cubeecraft models] being sold (illegally) in Thailand and Mexico. Teachers have been using them in their classes, students have been using them for projects.’

Cos Xmas is all about sharing and caring we strongly recommend you visit Vodafone Christmas Clones to check out the 10 exclusive Cubeecraft designs – from little green elves to surfer girls – and create your own Christmas Clone so you can be everywhere you want to be this Christmas. Plus every time you send your Clone on to a friend, you’ll be entered into a draw to win $5,000 (that’s right free presents and the chance to win $) so if you haven’t already we strongly recommend you click here to visit the site