Michael Fassbender‘s extraordinary range when it comes to human emotion will be patently obvious to who watched his Magneto tear shit up the recent X-Men:First Class. So it should probably come as little surprise that Fassbender’s next big film, will be about a sex addict.
Shame, which also stars temporary Australian resident Carey Mulligan, and is helmed by British director Steven McQueen reportedly made waves at the Venice Film Festival for its graphic content and stronger-than-strong themes. Fans of Fassbender will get to know him in a whole new way with a film that currently includes male and female full-frontal nudity, graphic depictions of straight/gay/threeway sex, masturbation, urination and a suicide attempt. Critics have applauded Fox Searchlight for picking up the film, with producer Iain Canning (The King’s Speech) saying “Our selling point is that we’ve not been shy.”
Watch Magneto – sorry – Fassbender talking sexual addiction with McQueen and premiering a short clip, below.

via SlashFilm.