Prometheus, Sir Ridley Scott’s eagerly anticipated return to his Alien roots, should come with the addendum ‘How To Market A Film Really Well In 2012 – Well, At Least A Sci-Fi Film.’ Well, maybe it shouldn’t, but you get the point.

To give credit where credit’s due for the film’s viral marketing strategy thus far, we first saw Guy ‘Bone Structure’ Pearce deliver an awe inspiring TED address from 2023 – definitely not to be confused with this 2030 – and now Michael ‘Bone Structure Of Another Kind’ Fassbender gets in on the viral fun with a short that made its debut at nerd convention WonderCon, in Anaheim, California (home of Disneyland) overnight.

Attendees were given a Weyland Corp card containing a phone number, which when called sends a text message providing a link to the clip’s dedicated website where the 28-second clip can be found. You can also find it here conveniently enough, as well as the latest IMAX trailer for the film, which will open June 7th.

Via Collider