‘Teen Wolf’ Star Colton Hanyes Reportedly Splits From Husband Of Six Months

It’s been a year of upsetting celebrity breakups, so I guess we’ll go ahead and add another one to the pile, after reports that Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes has called it quits with his husband, celebrity florist Jeff Leatham.

While nothing is confirmed, rumours of the split began to circulate this week after the pair unfollowed each-other on Instagram, and Haynes deleted all pictures of them. He also posted what seemed like a very pointed original song entitled ‘Man It Sucks‘.


Lyrics to the song reference a partner staying out all night and not answering his phone, and the whole thing seems fairly embittered and dramatic, so yeah, make of that whatever you want.

Up to this point, the couple’s relationship has been the very definition of ‘extra’. In March of 2017, a month after they made their relationship Instagram-official, Leatham proposed to Haynes in Los CabosMexico, in an elaborate display that involved Cher.

Haynes then proposed back to Leatham, which I guess is a thing, and the two got married last October, in a ceremony that was officiated by Kris Jenner, and included Sofia VergaraJoe ManganielloJesse Tyler Ferguson and Billie Lourd as guests.

Photos of the couple remain up on Jeff Leatham’s Instagram, including one from last October, in which he says that he is the “luckiest man on earth” to be marrying Haynes and that he’s “so blessed to spend my life as his husband so very soon.”


The couple have yet to make an official statement, unless you count ‘Man It Sucks’, which to be honest, we kind of do, because Colton Haynes would never lie to us through song. Watch this space for more.