Litty Committee: These Colleen Hoover Books Are Under $16 RN In Case Yr In Need Of A Good Cry

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If you’ve spent even a split second on BookTok, you would’ve stumbled across Colleen Hoover‘s passionate fans, slinging reviews left, right and centre. Whether you’ve heard of her controversial “romance” novel, It Ends With Us or the spicy Ugly Love, you might’ve been tempted to pick up a Colleen Hoover book – if you haven’t already.

Now’s the perfect time to do so, with a bunch of her bestselling novels now on sale at MyDeal and Amazon Australia for $16 and under. Even if you’ve read all of her hit books, it’s not a bad opportunity to try some of her lesser-known or underrated novels, like Layla or November 9.

Who is Colleen Hoover, the unofficial #BookTok queen?

Colleen Hoover books
Image: Instagram/@colleenhoover/Simon & Schuster

Colleen Hoover is the author of 24 books and novellas across the romance and young adult fiction genres. Her stories are all the rage across TikTok right now, with 4.1 billion views and counting.

Of course, we can’t talk about Colleen Hoover, without addressing *some drama*, especially surrounding that colouring book fiasco and the very wrong and very bad casting for the screen adaptation of her most popular novel to date, It Ends With Us.

So, the biggest takeaway here? It Ends With Us isn’t the best CoHo has to offer and while there are plenty of people that love it, the woman’s got 20 more books that aren’t as problematic.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Colleen Hoover books that are on sale below, so you can add a couple to your ever-growing TBR pile. C’mon, you know you want to.

Which Colleen Hoover books are on sale right now?


Colleen Hoover Books: Verity

Verity, now $12 (usually $22.99)

While there’s no official order to read Colleen Hoover’s books in, this is the one that will get you obsessed with her if you’re jumping aboard the CoHo hype train for the first time. This is also Hoover’s first foray into dark thrillers since she typically sticks to romance novels, so if that’s more of your scene, this is the perfect starting point.

This is a twisty thriller that will have you reading into the wee hours of the morning. Each chapter will keep you guessing right until its utterly insane ending.

Verity is about a struggling writer named Lowen, who, while on the brink of financial ruin, is hired by the husband of a bestselling author to complete the remaining books in his injured wife’s unfinished series. Lowen is invited to stay with the pair while she works on the series, but happens to stumble across the wife’s bone-chilling autobiography, which is chocked full of jaw-dropping confessions and secrets.

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November 9

November 9, now $12 (usually $19.99)

For those of you who frothed Ugly Love, you’ll want to grab November 9 since a couple of your favourite characters make a little cameo in this one. That’s right, some of CoHo’s worlds do crossover.

This romance is about an aspiring novelist called Ben and a woman named Fallon, who after meeting on the day that Fallon is due to move interstate, agree to reunite each year on November 9. But in the lead-up to their annual meeting, they never have any contact with each other throughout the year.

Each chapter that details their reunion features some kind of plot twist, so this love story will keep you on your toes the entire time. Especially, as Fallon begins to question whether Ben is fabricating his perfect reality for reasons unknown.

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Reminders of Him

Colleen Hoover Books: Reminders of Him

Reminders of Him, now $16 (usually $21.99)

I don’t know, but if you’re in the mood to bawl your eyes out, this is the Colleen Hoover book for you.

Kenna Rowan has just served five years in prison due to a tragic mistake and, now, all she wants to do is reunite with her four-year-old daughter. Yet, when she returns to her hometown, she finds that the bridges she’s burned have made it near-impossible for a chance at redemption.

The only person who hasn’t shut her out is the town’s local bar owner, Ledger Ward, one of the last remaining links to her daughter. As Kenna’s connection with Ledger grows stronger, the troubled mother works to find a way to heal and absolve her past mistakes.

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Colleen Hoover Books: Layla

Layla, now $16 (usually $24.99)

Even if you’re one of those people who can sniff out a plot twist from a mile away, we think Layla might just blow your record out of the park.

When Leeds meets Layla, he’s convinced he’s found the woman he’s going to spend the rest of his life with. At least until Layla is attacked and left fighting for her life. Mentally and emotionally scarred by the attack, Layla is far from the woman he first fell in love with. In an attempt to restore some normalcy back in her life, Leeds whisks her away to a cute B&B, which brings about a strange turn in Layla.

Soon, Leeds finds solace in another guest at the B&B, Willow, who shares similar concerns to his own. But as he grows closer to Willow and attempts to help her with her own problems, he quickly finds that he needs to make a choice between the two women, one at the detriment of the other.

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Hopeless, now $12 (usually $)

We promise you that this is an overlooked gem. As the first in a series, Hopeless will have you emotionally destroyed. It’s about a girl called Skye, who has been homeschooled her entire life. After she begs her mother to let her attend real school, she becomes involved with the high school bad boy, Dean, despite trying to stay away from him.

This book will make you fall under the impression that it’s your classic Good Girl x Bad Boy love story feat. “I can change him!” vibes, but when the plot twist happens – chef’s kiss. Just ensure you check the trigger warnings before you dive in, as there are some dark themes present, folks. But at this point, are we really surprised when it comes to CoHo?

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All Your Perfects

Colleen Hoover: All Your Perfects

All Your Perfects, now $12 (usually $22.99)

This Colleen Hoover book will only take you a few hours to get through, which is perf if you’re in need of a quick read.

This novel swaps between the past and present, detailing the relationship between two imperfect people, Graham and Quinn. In the present, the couple are struggling with infertility issues, causing heavy strain on their relationship.

And yet, in the past, you’re shown two people who love each other so deeply. Reading this will feel like getting a glimpse into a real relationship that starts out perfectly and slowly crumbles as the years pass by. Best read with a box of tissues, IMO.

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