Colette TV – The first slightly indie infomercial?

The guys at seem like pretty fun and happy people, then again why wouldn’t they be? They make up a a solid percentage of one of the worlds most overpriced / over publicized stores, they get access to all the sweetest cloth prior to most and they live in Paris for gods sake, which is reason in itself to sport a smile.

It’s pretty hard to be funny on camera with out coming off ghey or well at least slightly wack, but the Colette guys have got it down with the first of their webisode infomercials actually making us laugh. When the ingredients consist of finely tuned choreography, appearances from the likes of Kate Moss and Married to the Mob’s Leah, it is slightly hard to go wrong…But hey, I could’ve just fallen for their accents.

Don’t take my read, make your own mind up here.