Jonathan Zawada Brings “Kindered Spirits” To Colette

The matchmaking ability of the legend who designed our website – graphic designer, artist and maker of mystical head scarves Jonathan Zawada, has spawned the best and most delightful mathematics based fashion blog on the internet. It’s a skill he continues to exploit in his new solo exhibition Kindred Spirits, an ode to mutualism now showing at Paris hipster emporium colette. The show features a clever juxtapostion of images to reveal the spiritual connection between two seemingly disparate elements and as we’ve previously noted, he’s pretty bloody good at it.

As colette notes: “The show comprises pieces from an ongoing body of work that explores the simple manipulation of found imagery, utilising techniques from collage to Photoshop to custom coded image distortion algorithms.The work is essentially image-play, a kind of visual theatre sport where everything is liberated from style, concept and context and simply is.”

If you find yourself in Paris we highly recommend attending.

Jonathan Zawada // Kindered Spirits
colette 213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001, Paris, France.
Open now through February 25th, 2012.