Wondering Why There’s Suss White Bear Paw Marks All Over Kings Cross? The Answer Is: Drugs

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

King’s Cross is a weird, wonderful, and whacky place. While it may not be the bustling nightlife hub it once was, if you walk down the street on any given day, you’ll probably encounter many characters you wouldn’t exactly see in your everyday suburban endeavours.

Now, in saying that, spotting mysterious white powder along the streets in Kings Cross probably isn’t too uncommon. However, if you’ve snooped around lately, you’ve probably noticed these marks pop up a little more….formed than usual. And by a ‘little more formed’, we mean in the shape of actual bear paws.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Well, we got to the bottom of it, and it turns out it’s actually a stunt to promote the new movie Cocaine Bear. Apparently bear paw marks have been spotted in Bondi, Fortitude Valley, Melbourne CBD and even the GC as well.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the film (which is based on a true story) stars Ray Liotta (in his final role before passing), Keri Russell (The Americans), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), O’Shea Jackson Jnr (Straight Outta Compton)and TikTok comedian Scott Seiss. 

For those unfamiliar with the story of Sir ‘Cokey’ the bear, you can suss it out on this 2021 episode of My Favourite Murder. In the late 70s, a drug lord accidentally dropped 35 kilos of the white stuff while parachuting over a midwest forest that a bear found and consumed. Yep. Can you imagine what a bit of boogie sugie would do to an eight-foot bear? Heinous vibes.

The movie, to put it shortly, is as cooked and chaotic as the true story it’s based on. It’s part body horror, part side-splitting comedy and just all round adrenaline-pumping and raucous. I would highly recommend leaving any popcorn or drinks outside the cinema because you’re guaranteed to be a sloppy mess once it’s done from all hooting and hollering.

You can suss the trailer for it here.

See what I mean? Frenzied scenes.

You can catch Cocaine Bear in cinemas from February 23 for a little forrest bump.