Things To Buy Your Parents This Christmas That Won’t End Up In The Bin On Boxing Day


Parents are the hardest people to buy for at Christmas – whether you see yours all the time or barely know what they look like anymore, if you have to get them a gift you’re likely sweating bullets over it.

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OK, maybe not sweating bullets. But at the very least, you constantly deal with *fake smile* “oh darling, I love it” every year, because the parental unit is a fickle bastard that is impossible to buy for.

We’ve rounded up some stuff that your parents will legitimately love. Well, we hope.

1. A Non-Threatening Candle

Glasshouse Fragrances Amalfi Coast Candle, $44.95

Not all candles are the same – and if you are stuck, always go for the least offensive scent. Something light and breezy! Not overly floral or sweet. If you know your parents love a sweet candle, by all means go for it. But if you are not 110% sure I can guarantee they’ll throw that thing in the trash as soon as you leave on Christmas Day. Amalfi Coast is scented as “sea mist”, which is as fresh as it gets.

2. Things To Serve Stuff On

Country Road Dee Platter, $49.95

Buying kitchenware is risky with parents. But one thing they always seem to froth is serving shit. Think cheese boards, salad bowls and so on. Stuff they will use three times a year max but WILL actually use. If you’re in doubt about brands, the most inoffensive are Country Road, Pottery Barn, Freedom and Temple & Webster.

3. Dinner Vouchers

Merivale Gift Card, from $20

Even if your parents rarely venture out, it’s likely they do once or twice a year. Parents also love being told the ~cool~ new places to go eat, it makes them feel young and happening again. My advice is get a voucher that works across heaps of good spots, like the Merivale vouchers or other big, city-dominating companies that own multiple restaurants.

Also – top tip. Get one that doesn’t expire for at least a year, because parents will notoriously forget to use that shit.

4. Photo Frames With Pictures Of You Kids In Them

Temple & Webster Casa Regalo Frame, $44.95

Parents LOVE pictures of their kids! Especially if you bother to gather the siblings and take a fresh one together after having never stood in one spot at once for ten years. Pick a photo frame that isn’t cheap and shitty, and you’ve got a present winner.

5. Throws

Sheridan Sandy Bay Throw Rug, $199.95

I do not know why parents love throws, but they bloody love throws. My mum’s just sit on the end of each couch, looking cute but never being used. Or across the bottom of the bed! Choose one that works back with your parents home colour scheme and you’re in business – just like throw pillows, one can never have too many throw blankets.

6. Wine

DRNKS Ceritas 2017 Marena Chardonnay, $115

Unless your parents are teetotallers, everyone loves a good wine! Surely you know the ballpark your parents play in, wine-wise (if not, suss the wine rack this weekend), but in my experience a pricey white or red always goes down well. Avoid the bubbles or rose unless you’re sure your ‘rents love the stuff. DRNKS is this ~not regular wine but cool wine~ site where you can get obscure drops that’ll impress the folks.