Christian Bale Legit Thanked Satan In His Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Anyone’s who’s ever watched an American awards show in the history of forever has seen more than their fare share of breathy acting types look skyward and thank God for their remarkable talents. But seldom, if ever, do you see anyone upon the stage – golden statue in hand – thanking the hard and tireless work of the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of the Underworld, Beelzebub himself, Satan. Enter: Christian Bale.

Bale picked up his second career Golden Globe award a short while ago, taking out the gong for Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, for his body-shifting turn as former US vice president Dick Cheney in the critically acclaimed Vice.

While he also performed the annual dance of “reminding everyone that he is actually deeply British and has a normal speaking voice that sounds like he’s spent the past 40 years bashing chavs in Camden,” Bale went one step further in revealing the inspiration behind his turn as Cheney: The Dark Lord himself.

Honestly, a few reads through of the Necronomicon is probably step one on the path to preparing oneself to play any version of that utterly reprehensible tyrant Cheney, so this should come as less of a surprise than you may first think.

That said, Christian Bale’s “normal” voice continues to be one of the most bafflingly confusing things ever and I could gladly go another entire calendar year without hearing him say the word “innit” again.

Bad. Bad and confronting.