Chrissy Metz Denies Calling Alison Brie A Bitch On The Golden Globes Red Carpet

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz may or may not have just been sprung mouthing a choice word about fellow actress Alison Brie during the Golden Globes red carpet.

[jwplayer sNd5cmTH]

The incident occurred while Metz was chatting to two Golden Globes hosts who then introduced Brie at the end of their convo.

“Do you know Alison Brie?” the host asks the actress.

“Do I?” she responds in what I would describe as a rather sarcastic tone (but that might just be my interpretation…).

“Well I hear she’s at the other end of the carpet,” he responds, to which Chrissy says “oh”.

The camera then pans away to the other end of the carpet where Brie was arriving.

But despite the fact that the camera was no longer on Metz, she seemed to be unaware that her audio was still being aired and she can be heard saying what people believe to be, “she’s such a bitch.”

Check it out below:

Viewers were convinced that the “b” word she uttered was “bitch” and voiced their shock via Twitter.

As the tweets started to pour in and rumours of a feud between the stars spread like wildfire throughout the event as well as online, Metz whipped out her phone and tweeted her denial of the slur.

“It’s terribly unfortunate anyone would think much less run a story that was completely fabricated!” She wrote. “I adore Alison and would never say a bad word about her, or anyone! I sure hope she knows my heart.”