Now at the dawn of its fourth season, Billy Eichner‘s unimpeachable Billy On The Street will soon be in/around your mouth/downloads from October 8.

To Celebrate T-4 weeks until such a day, Eichner has released a fleeting teaser into the show’s upcoming run, laying bare his glaring absence of a filter while going rogue with a microphone on the streets of NYC.

A bevvy of tens are set to appear on Billy On The Street from October, with this teaser already providing glimpses at Sarah Jessica, Chris Pratt, Tina Fey, Julianne Moore, Anna Kendrick Bill Cosby Hader and Jason Sudekis. 

Watch Billy Eichner play “name three Clintons“, “put yourself in Demi Levato’s shoes“, “Is this on-brand for you?“, “ROB LOWE“, “Cate Blanchett or Curious George?“, and “Emma Stone seems down to earth?” below.