Chris Hemsworth Handsomely Shuts Down Calls To Make ‘Dundee’ A Real Thing

Here it is, mates. Straight from the incredible handsome horse’s mouth. That fake Dundee remake will not be seeing the light of actual day anytime soon, so sayeth Chris Hemsworth.

Despite the fact that the Tourism Australia ad campaign, that ran during the Super Bowl, was insanely effective in drumming up attention and interest thanks to its myriad of stars and the general absurdity of the concept, calls from fans to expand the ad into a fully-fledged movie are likely to go unanswered.

Hemsworth, the good looking rooster that he is, appeared on Sunrise earlier this morning to discuss his role in the ad, which also starred Danny McBrideMargot RobbieRussell CroweIsla FisherLiam Hemsworth, and even had a cameo from OG Dundee Paul Hogan himself.

And while he admitted that “certainly, [the crew] joked about making it,” he’s just not terribly keen to touch the rather iconic Crocodile Dundee franchise at this point in time.

I love this pitch with the sort of reversals of the roles and it makes it a bit fresher and unique. [But] I wouldn’t watch to touch the iconic Paul Hogan version.

‘Course this doesn’t *entirely* rule out the possibility of an updated, fully comedic Dundee flick featuring McBride as the bumbling dingus son of Mick Dundee trying to navigate the brutal landscapes of Australia’s outback, beaches, and wineries. But with Hogan’s Rimfire Films production company once again falling silent after the conclusion of the US$5million campaign, the smart move might be to cease holding your breath.

You can dream, but.

You can always dream.