Matt & Alex Asked Listeners To Spam Chris Hemsworth’s IG Pic With Their Fav Breakfast Foods

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

One of Chris Hemsworth‘s Instagram flicks has been flooded with punters commenting their favourite breakfast foods, following a request from airwave dream team Matt Okine and Alex Dyson. Let’s backtrack a little.

Matt and Alex released the first ep of their new on-demand breakfast show – aptly-titled Matt & Alex – All Day Breakfast. (We had a chat with the boys about the new endeavour yesterday, which you should most definitely peep here.)

Near the end of the ep, the duo suggested that users comment on one of Chris Hemsworth’s flicks as a makeshift way to communicate with the breakfast crew.

“If you go to @chrishemsworth on Instagram,” Alex said, “scroll down to a photo of him with a baby koala from March 10.”

“I don’t bet that Chris Hemsworth wouldn’t mind a few more comments. [So] if you want to get in touch with the show, just leave a comment on the Chris Hemsworth Instagram photo from the 10th of March, of him with the koala. That’s our website until further notice.”

It was then innocently requested that punters comment their favourite breakfast.

And well, that was it – this adorable pic of Chris holding a koala has now become the trusty main communication portal between Matt & Alex and their listeners.

Like, serious spamming territory.

Amazing scenes. Welcome back, lads.

Bon app the teeth.