Aussie Chef, Bless Him, Sets Fire To Kitchen During Live Cooking Segment On UK Morning Show

Think you’ve had a rough day working from home? Here’s some much-needed perspective for you. Aussie chef John Torode set fire to his kitchen during a live cooking segment on UK show This Morning.

John Torode, celebrity chef and MasterChef UK host, was guiding hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield through a good ol’ breaky McMuffin when the incident occurred.

While John dutifully cracked eggs into some egg rings, his tea towel, which he left on a lit stove, caught fire.

“John! Your tea towel’s on fire,” Holly first called out.

“Behind you, John. You’re on fire. Fire, John,” Phillip then chimed in.

John either couldn’t hear Phillip’s remarks or thought he was simply complimenting him in 2020 vernacular, because it took him a few moments to turn around and notice the mini-blaze.

Here’s John reacting accordingly:

Here’s Phillip and Holly respectively losing their shits:

Look, I’m no chef – I can only cook pesto pasta, in fact – but I’m sure keeping tea towels away the stove is one of the first rules in Cooking Safety 101™. That being said, it’s isolation and we’re all acting up, so I’ll let it slide just this once.

After briefly airing out the kitchen, John, to his credit, assumed post and recommenced like nothing had happened: “So now your eggs have steamed…”

Check out the footage, around 3.15 mark.