I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This, But Chef Is Now Available On Stan

Let me be clear here: There is no point to this article other than to inform you all that Jon Favreau‘s cult hit 2014 film Chef is now available to stream on Stan. That’s it. That’s the entire purpose of this article that has been written by paid human hands, and has been published by a major Australian digital media source.

Other articles, published both here and through other sources, frequently contain a multitude of facts, arranged and presented in some sort of linear form, with information compiled from multiple sources in order to inform the reading public of significant developments in the world.

Not this one. This one merely exists to inform you that Chef (2014) is now available on Stan.

The words contained in this article, beyond the ones letting you know that Chef (2014) is now on Stan, realistically don’t matter that much.

This isn’t even a review of Chef (2014). Such an article may delve into the layered narrative of the film – the tale of the eponymous chef (Favreau) who gets mad online once but then makes a sandwich and everything’s alright. It may point out that it’s an exercise in patiently waiting out a meandering first half for the joyously rewarding road movie that the film suddenly becomes about two-thirds of the way in. It could even spend some time musing on who is the real MVP of the cast – some may say John Leguizamo or Oliver Platt or even Sophie Vergara, but really it’s Bobby Cannavale purely for his read on the line “oh shit, Chef Big Dog up all night cookin’.”


This article, however, merely stands as an excuse to inform you all that Chef (2014) is now available to stream on Stan.

Previously, it was on certain other streaming platforms that we shan’t be naming here. Then it disappeared one day with no warning or notice.

But now? Now, mates?

Chef is back, on Stan. You can watch it right now if you want to. You should watch it right now. It’s a great film. Nothing that bad happens in it. A man gets roasted on Twitter, and then he deals with it by making a mountain of delicious looking sandwiches.

Chuck it on tonight – which you can, because it’s on Stan now. Order in a cubano from wherever and settle in.

That’s the point of this article.

That point being that Chef (2014) is on Stan. Which is something that you now know.