Cheeky New ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Deets + Pics Revealed In Book Preview

If you had a childhood even vaguely similar to mine (read: are a nerd) you probably spent a lot of time poring over the weirdly hyper-detailed companion books to the Star Wars movies, borrowing the cross-section books and visual dictionaries from the library like it would make up for your complete lack of social skills.

While you might not now have the time or inclination to go over the schematics of Star Destroyers trying to figure out how come they have no toilets, it turns out those books are pretty useful for getting some sneaky deets about the upcoming films, like hotly anticipated standalone Rogue One.
The movie will tell the story of just how the Rebel Alliance managed to get their grubby mitts on the plans to the Death Star, and feature a whole new cast of unfamiliar characters in addition to some existing peripheral Star Wars characters like Mon Mothma.
The preview to “The Art Of Rogue One” gives a breakdown of the heroes and villains involved in the movie, as well as a look at some of the cool vehicles and shit we’ll be seeing on screen, like new Rebel fighters and a weird variant on the Tie Fighter. 
It also gives a name to Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn‘s character, Director Krennic, which stems any rumours he might be a skin colour version of Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Take a wee gander for yourself, the artwork in there looks pretty spectacular too.
Source: Slashfilm.
Photo: Edelweiss.