Now, before we begin: we don’t blame you for getting overexcited. We too, are beyond excited for the release of Star Wars story ‘Rogue One’, and we can’t blame anyone for jumping the gun and wondering about a potential sequel. 
Many have already asked: will there be a Rogue Two?
Folks, don’t beat yourselves up, but the sequel to ‘Rogue One’ actually already exists… it’s called ‘Star Wars: A New Hope‘. 
Many have been confused by the ‘One’ in the title, believing it to be the ‘#1’ in a new set of films for the Star Wars universe. But we’re afraid not. 
The name ‘Rogue One‘ is actually a call sign, which was confirmed in the last trailer for the new film – not a signifier of a ‘first film’ in a new trilogy. 
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has now confirmed this, as has Rogue One director Gareth Edwards
As per Slashfilm:
Kathleen Kennedy sets the record straight and confirms they will not make a Rogue One sequel, which she jokingly refers to as Rogue Two

Visual effects legend John Knoll states that Rogue One was always intended to be a self-contained film, even though it is actually a prequel to A New Hope

And Rogue One director Gareth Edwards clarifies further saying if you were to have a sequel to Rogue One,  “that sequel will be directed by George Lucas,” a reference to that first Star Wars film.’
So, there we go folks. Sorry if any Rogue trilogy dreams have been crushed. 
But the good news, after you see ‘Rogue One‘ in the cinemas on December 15th, you can head home and pop ‘A New Hope‘ on. 

Ta-dahhhhhh! Instant sequel. 
Source: Slashfilm.
Photo: Rogue One.