My God, The ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Kids Have Recreated Iconic Scenes From The Film

Get ready for some bulk 2003 nostalgia, because pretty much all of the kids from the iconique Cheaper By The Dozen have banded together – so to speak – to recreate classic scenes from the movie now, in 2020, as full adult humans.

And boy, does it bloody deliver.

It’s like the perfect combination of nostalgia, what all the kids grew up to look like, and the trend of recreating childhood photos as adults. It’s got attention to detail, it’s got Simple Plan‘s iconic hit, ‘I’m Just A Kid‘, it’s got everything, and I love it with my whole heart.

Posted to Insta by Hilary Duff and to Twitter by her onscreen mum/gentle matriarch of a 12-kid family/Kate Baker, Bonnie Hunt, the huge collab features original Baker family members like Hilary in the facemask scene, Piper Perabo as the angsty teen, Alyson Stoner in that damn frog beanie I wanted so bad as a kid, Brent & Shane Kinsman reprising their roles as the ratbag twins. You get it. The gang’s (largely) all hear.

Tom Welling is a noticeable omission from the Cheaper By The Dozen reunion, who I’m sure was doing something…important. Right? Sure.

Check out the video below, it’s such a pearler and I suddenly feel horribly ancient.

Our fave giant noughties family pulled the whole thing together (excellently, by the way) to raise awareness and funds for the food relief organisation, No Kid Hungry, who are working to end child hunger in the United States.

Whatever it’s for, it’s so damn good. More fictional families need to do this, please. If the Cheaper By The Dozen cast can do it, I demand scene recreations from Home Improvement by the end of isolation, thanks.