This Woman Belting Out ‘Shallow’ On The London Underground Is Enough To Make Gaga Weep

Shallow, Charlotte Awbery

A UK singer named Charlotte Awbery has gone viral this week for an off-the-cuff performance of ‘Shallow‘ so good that it could make bloody Lady Gaga weep.

Comedian Kevin Freshwater uncovered her during a bit called ‘Finish The Lyrics’, in which he approaches strangers and asks them to … I mean, you get it.

His latest video sees him walking up to Awbery in an east London tube station and singing the opening strains of ‘Shallow’, asking her to continue.

Though seemingly a bit skeptical at first, she proceeds to belt out the song, with her polished vocals leaving the host in awe at her “brilliant” performance.

You can check out this real life A Star Is Born moment below:

Honestly, Charlote Awbery appears to be the living embodiment of Jenna “Sometimes I Sing Too Beautifully” Maroney, and I am absolutely, one thousand percent here for it.

Image result for jenna maroney sing too beautifully

The singer already has a sizeable Instagram following, and her most recent post is a cover of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow‘.

Lady Gaga has yet to respond but that’s the obvious next step here, right?

You can see the full video below, with Charlotte Awbery popping  in at around the two-minute mark: