Channel Seven To Replace “Restaurant Revolution” With Literal Cats

This is it, people. This is the day. Mark it down in your calendars, because it’s going to be a watershed sort of day for everyone one way or the other.

Channel Seven are getting themselves out of the head-to-head cooking show game, with their Restaurant Revolution being gazumped by Channel Nine‘s The Hotplate, despite both attracting mediocre-at-best ratings.
Seven announced that they would be moving Revolution to Thursday nights with double-episode blocks, moving them out of direct competition with Nine and allowing their show – in theory – a cleaner run at gathering a potential audience.
Whilst tonight they’re hastily putting on an episode of Dr Harry’s Craziest House Calls to fill the void, from next week on if you tune in to Seven at 7:30pm on a Tuesday you’re going to be seeing cats.
Just cats.
Nothin’ but cats.
We’re actually completely, legitimately, one hundred percent serious.
To replace Restaurant Revolution in their Tuesday night primetime slot, Channel Seven will be airing the premiere of Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud – a show that involves an endless stream of Internet cat videos with accompanying human commentary.
That’s it. That is literally all it is.
Whether you believe this to be the greatest advancement in television broadcasting history, or believe that it’s the first step on our slippery slide into Idiocracy is pretty irrelevant. The bottom line is it is a real thing that is happening.
‘Course if Channel Seven succeeds in suing The Hotplate off the air, then it all won’t really matter. But that’s another story for another day.
It’s a bold new world and we’re all going to be living in it.
via SMH.