All The Best Celeb Halloween Costumes That Make Me Wish I Thought Of It First

celebrity halloween costumes 2020

It’s the Monday after Halloween, which means it’s time for me to look at everyone else’s costumes and regret not thinking of those ideas first.

Unfortunately, most of us (at least in Melbourne) weren’t able to do anything too exciting for the spooky season this year, but when you’re a celebrity with crazy amounts of money, Halloween is merely another excuse to flex over the rest of us.

And flex they did, my friends. Flex they did.

First up, we’ve got Doja Cat, who is officially the winner of Pedestrian.TV’s 2020 Halloween costume competition, which is solely judged on whatever is floating my boat this morning.

Doja not only dressed up as the iconic Tyra Banks scene from America’s Next Top Model, but she also recreated the infamous “we were rooting for you” scene that lives rent-free in my brain 24/7.

Speaking of nostalgic costumes, who could look past Courtney Cox recreating those horrific bangs from Scream. A terrifying, yet iconic throwback. We stan.

And let’s not forget Lil Nas X, who gave us a Superbass-era Nicki Minaj cosplay of epic proportions. This is art.

Meanwhile, Cardi B swapped her WAP for a slithery snake with a mesmerising Medusa costume. I’m not sure when it happened but I have become the biggest Cardi stan and I would let her strangle me with her snake hair.

And let’s not forget our emo queen Halsey, who turned herself into Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Please chuck an F in the chat for the fact that somebody turned this into a filter like two days before Halloween, so she went to all this effort to literally look like a filter.

The Weeknd also blessed us with an incredible movie-inspired costume with this amazing attempt at The Nutty Professor.

I’m not usually a huge fan of the Kardashian/Jenner’s costumes but I’m going to have to give points to Kendall for this Pamela Anderson costume that looks eerily similar to our bae-watch queen herself.

And last in the list but first in my heart, we have our lord and saviour Paris Hilton, who gave us a slew of different costumes with the sweet, sweet sound of Mean Girls in the background. Iconic. *chefs kiss*

Honestly, at this point I think we should just have a Halloween do-over in a few weeks when we can have house parties again because Melburnians deserve a chance to dress up and get drunk. It is our right after the year we’ve had.