Holy hell. 

So, the ‘Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah‘ girl, Danielle Bregoli, has legitimately managed to cash someone inside a plane. Her and her mum got kicked off a flight after Danielle punched someone in the face. 


According to TMZ, Danielle and her mum were boarding a Spirit Airlines flight from LAX, but mum was having some troubles putting her carry-on bag in the overhead compartment because she’s currently wearing a walking cast due to a foot injury. 

She was holding up the queue, and the wait was not going over well for one woman in particular. 

Shockingly, it somehow escalated (details for this part of the story are… let’s just say fuzzy), and Danielle says the woman put her hands on her mum’s throat. So, Danielle straight up clocked her one in the face, HOW BOW DAH?

Now, please watch the absolute mayhem that occurred on the plane between the time the punch happened, and before the cops arrived. (Maybe turn your volume down, this shit is unsurprisingly loud):

And another (this is the video where you can actually hear her yell, ‘CASH ME OUSSIDE HOW BOW DAH’, and the person filming the video say ‘Wait.. is this the ‘Cash me ousside’ girl?’. We are SCREAMING.):

And YES, another! (In this one, you see the woman lash out at Danielle and her mum, calling her a ‘wanker’ and spitting at them):

The police eventually came and took all three women off the plane. Reports say there were no arrests in the end, but Spirit Airlines deeeeeefinitely banned the Bregolis from flying with them ever again. 

This is like some kind of beautiful, perfect poetry. So eloquent. So gentle. Magnifiqué. *kisses fingertips*

Source: TMZ

Photo: Dr. Phil.