Please, stop what you’re doing and watch this incredibly cute vid of a US journo’s mum pulling over to say hi to him while he’s reporting. It’s also deeply relatable to me, a journalist with a highly invested mum.

Myles Harris, a reporter with ABC 6/FOX 28, was prepping for a piece to camera when his mum Sandi drove by.  Cameraman DeAngelo Byrd got the entire wholesome interaction on camera, blessing the timeline with the good, good content.

In the vid, Myles raises his arms a move of gentle but fond frustration recognisable by many a child. It’s very reminiscent of when your mum sees her friend in Woolies and you know you’re about to get pulled into a 10 minute convo about her husband’s bunions.

“It’s my mom,” he says, turning to the camera.

Then his mum (genuine icon in my eyes) pulls up outside and yells “hi, baby!” from inside her car.

Absolute peak mum energy, we love to see it.

Myles then starts laughing and goes “I’m trying to work right now!”. It has the exact same vibe of everyone whose mum interrupted important work Zoom calls to ask them if they wanted a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Please enjoy this wholesome exchange.

“This is DeAngelo, you can say hi,” Myles said, introducing his mum to the cameraman.

Sandi replies “Hi DeAngelo!”. She says this with the enthusiasm usually reserved for when your brother brings home the girl he’s begrudgingly mentioned twice over the course of six months.

In my favourite part of the encounter, Myles says “don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you”. And in classic mum fashion, Sandi just blows him a kiss and zooms off.

I’m telling you, she has the most mum energy to ever mum.

The tweet replies were predictably super wholesome and now there are tears on my laptop. Thank God for Apple Care, amirite?

“I lost my mom 8 yrs ago,” one person wrote.

“It’s the small things like this you will miss, so enjoy it. Watching it brought a smile to my face and a bunch of others. Don’t be embarrassed, take the ribbing and know she loves you.”

Another said: “Oh, she’s so very proud of you! This makes my day — and I bet it made hers too!”

One user said they kept replaying the vid and honestly, me too. Serotonin injection right into my cranium.

“I cannot watch this video enough today. When I’m feeling stressed, it shows up on my TL and boom, smile on my face all over again,” they wrote.

I’m wiping away a single tear. BRB, gotta go call my mum.

Image: WSYX