On any given day, you can count the number of fucks given by Cardi B on no hands. Today, though, she has delivered a real pisser, taking to Twitter to ask what wee tastes like:

She provided a bit of context in a follow-up Tweet, telling users that she’s not hacked, and she’s just genuinely curious to know if urine has a bland or salty taste:

So now we’ve established that it’s a serious inquiry, we have to ask, what the hell DOES that forbidden golden liquid taste like?

When it comes to the tough questions, urine good hands with Yahoo Answers, so we gave that a try. According to user antonw, who seems to have done a LOT of research into this:

“Urine is virtually sterile and nearly odorless. Depending what goes into the body that comes out filtered. Urine contains a range of substances that depend on the intake. Urine contains water, an assortment of inorganic salts and organic compounds, including proteins hormones, and a wide range of metabolites.”

“Urine usually is odorless, urine can be pungent after the consumption of certain foods. Especially asparagus. Urine of a healthy human [tastes like] almost nothing. If your body has certain infections or kidney problems it can taste like acid. Diabetes mellitus got its name because the urine is sweet.” 

According to Reddit user velcrostrips, who seems to have had some slightly more practical experience:

“Salty. Because a girl pee’d on me and it went in my mouth.”

So there you have it. The consensus on that one seems to be that pee is both pungent and salty, but if it’s too tasty, you may have some kind of underlying health concern.

I’m going to get some fucken WEIRD targeted ads after Googling this topic all morning, but it was worth it to finally get some answers for Cardi.

Image: Getty Images / RB / Bauer Griffin