Cardi B Defends Boyfriend’s Homophobia & That Went As Well As You’d Think

Singer/rapper Cardi B has taken to Periscope to live stream her defence of fiancé Offset.

A member of rap group Migos, Offset was called out most recently for the lines “Pinky ring crystal clear, 40k spent on a private Lear/60k solitaire/I cannot vibe with queers.” in his guest verse of  Boss Life, a song by Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci.

In a fairly shithouse “apology”, Offset wrote in an Instagram post, he wasn’t using the word queer to refer to homosexuals, literally claiming ignorance on a phrase that has either been a slur, or more recently a reclaimed self-descriptor, surrounding gay people for decades.

Enter Cardi B, the singer who rocketed into our collective cultural consciousness in the space of a year via her huge 2017 single Bodak Yellow, using the Twitter based live streaming platform to defend the continued indignation Offset was rightfully copping:

Yeeeeeah look, it’s a huge fucking mess of a diatribe which people are mostly shitty about due to the way Cardi also claims ignorance, pushing the onus of what she deems “education” on LGBTIQ issues onto the minority themselves, implying it’s our job to make sure everyone in the world is up to spec on what words are ok or not.

Nah, fuck off hey.