Captain Marvel Landed With A Heroic $188 Million Debut At The Box Office

Captain Marvel

The long-awaited Captain Marvel arrived in cinemas this week, and by the looks of things, if you’re reading this, then you’ve already seen it or you’re probably about to see it, as the film has pulled in impressive numbers at the international box office.

As of Friday in the US, the film had already earned a total of $188.3 million worldwide, with a hefty $127 million chunk of that coming from the international box office, which includes $34.3 million from China and $4.5 million from here in Australia.

Trade publication The Hollywood Reporter has broken down some of the stats, finding that Captain Marvel has had the seventh-biggest opening for a Marvel movie behind the Black PantherIron Man 3,Captain America: Civil War and the three Avengers films.

In terms of a debut showing for a comic book film starring a character in their debut outing, that puts it second only to Black Panther, which pipped it at the post with a $200 million opening.

The film’s box office success comes after a months-long campaign of negative user reviews from people who had not yet seen it, but were angry about Brie Larson‘s comments relating to diversity in Hollywood … or just, y’know angry in general.

Aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes recently deleted thousands of audience reviews that were submitted before the film was released. This was part of an ongoing campaign to try and prevent disgruntled users from “review bombing” movies prior to them coming out.

Captain Marvel had 58,000 user review scores within hours of its release, which, as the Hollywood Reporter noted, “is more than the total of audience score reviews for Avengers: Infinity War for its entire theatrical run.”

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here’s a little taste of Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson busting out some Ariana Grande and Britney Spears in their Car Pool Karaoke episode.