Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Are Teasing *Something* ‘Breaking Bad’-Related

We preface this article by stating very firmly that this could be quite a bit, or it could be not much at all. But the bottom line is quite simple: It’s definitely something. A few hours ago, both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul made near-simultaneous social media posts that, while cryptic, appear to hint at something Breaking Bad-related. And whatever that something is, it’s apparently imminent.

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The posts, both of the same thing, feature an image of two donkeys with the accompanying caption “soon.”

That’s it. That’s all they are. But god damn, what does it MEAN.

While nothing at this stage is concrete, there’s a fair-to-good chance it all has something to do with the hugely anticipated but absurdly secretive Breaking Bad sequel movie project, which despite the constant whirr of the internet has no known information beyond “it happening.”

The very-unconfirmed belief is that the movie will follow Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman, tracking the events that occur immediately after the AMC show’s 2013 finale. In the show’s universe, Pinkman was last seen escaping a kidnapping and driving off to a destination unknown.

The cast and crew of the film have outwardly refused to confirm they’re even involved in the project. Paul himself said in March that he “hadn’t heard anything” about the movie but that he would “love to be a part of it” if it ever eventuated. The wild kink in that tale is that production on the film is widely believed to have taken place between November last year and February this year in New Mexico, meaning he made those comments after filming supposedly wrapped.

Whatever the case, Netflix has reportedly picked up first-run rights to the highly anticipated movie, which is good news for punters here in Australia frothing to get involved.

And knowing Netflix, “soon” could turn out to mean very soon indeed.