Brooks Brothers Unveil Mad Men Inspired Fashion Line

What’s the main difference between modern day Ad Execs and the Mad Men of yesteryear? Perhaps it’s the contemporary Ad Man’s shrewder understanding of consumer Psychology, his arsenal of awe-inspiring visual trickery or his cutting edge Web 2.0 smarts? No, no and most definitely no. The main difference between modern day Ad Men and their 1960’s counterparts is a sartorial one. One crew look like overgrown toddlers with retina scorching sneakers and funny little graphic tees while the other set are probably seducing your wife right now. Try and guess which is which.

To help evolve the contemporary Advertising uniform beyond a combination of chucks, sneakers, selvedge denim, check shirts and suit jackets over tees, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant is collaborating with US clothier and retailer Brooks Brothers on a Mad Men inspired suit range. The classic grey number below is the first piece from the collection and embodies just the right amount of class, panache, power and pride. It won’t make your ideas any better but will temporarily convince others that you’re more competent, confident and creative than you really are and isn’t that what advertising is all about anyway?

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