God, I am so BLOODY SICK of celebs and their “ooooh, here’s a sneaky secret poooost with some hint at us being married/engaged/preg/god knows what else!”

Like cool, I get it, you have private lives. So maybe… stop fucking whinging about everyone knowing your business if you, say, post shit like this on your Instagram feeds?

That’s Brooklyn Beckham, first spawn of David and Victoria Beckham, and his on-off girlfriend, actor Chloe Grace Moretz. They’re both relatively cool humans, and seem to like each other (at least every now and again).


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They’re also ABSOLUTELY trolling us with that ring pic. See how the letters are “B” on Chloe’s hand, and “C” on Brooklyn’s? And Chloe’s giving us the “shhh” signal?

Like “shhh don’t tell anyone we are engaged/married even though we just publicised this hinty pic to the world?” UGH.

Maybe it’s because we’ve all been dealing with the are-they-aren’t-they pregnancy back and forth from one Khloe Kardashian (congrats) and Kylie Jenner (come the fuck on and confirm or deny, mate), but this just rustles my jimmies to the nth degree. If. You. Want. To. Say. Something. Just. Say. It. Don’t. Troll. Your. Fans. The. End.

CHANCES ARE these are just commitment rings, or just fun, young-love rings or whatever.

But hey, we’re a pop culture site, we’ll bring you the news even when it then becomes non-news and was all just rumours. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Image: Instagram / @chloegmoretz