14 Of The Best Bridgerton Tweets To Satisfy The Horny Regency Drama Hole Left In Your Heart

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If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably finished binging Bridgerton, Netflix’s very horny Regency drama. It’s basically Gossip Girl with gloves and corsets, where a mysterious Lady Whistledown reports on the ongoings of London’s elite as they waltz, promenade and stumble their way through the marriage season.

It stars Phoebe Dyvenor as Lady Daphne Bridgerton, the diamond of this year’s season, and Regé-Jean Page as Simon Basset, the devilishly handsome duke who may or may not be wooing her.

More than 63 million households have watched Bridgerton since it dropped on Christmas Day, according to Netflix, making it the fifth largest Netflix series of all time. Call it the Shonda Rhymes effect: of course the woman who made Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder would gift us a will they / won’t they romance you’ll watch to the very end. (Although it’s not always perfect.)

And since Bridgerton is dominating Twitter (and TikTok) right now, why not do a cheeky round-up of some of the best?

Let’s start off with this very horny one:

I mean, it’s a classic:

@kimad21##greenscreenvideo this man. Wow. Shonda really know how to pick em ##fyp ##netflix ##bridgeton ##simon ##Hyperfixated ##theplot ##greysanatomy ##shondarhimes♬ careless whisper – lotgadel

The plot is very hot, I mean good:

Because it’s important you know this Regency drama fucks:

Quite a lot:

Particularly episode six:

A major plot line is about how Simon has mastered the pull-out game, which – reminder – is not a 100% effective birth control method.


(I mean, I’m pretty sure no one in Regency England touched themselves but okay. If they did, then HOW do you explain everyone going all chaste in the Victorian era. They’d already discovered masturbation, there’s no going back. Please do not message me with answers to this question.)

But other things happened, too! Like, courting:

And overly protective brothers:

And other romantic shit:


And a few teeny, tiny plot holes I can’t stop thinking about:

But mostly it’s about yearning, boning, and figuring out how babies are yonder made, or something.

Oh, and also covering up that a baby was made.

We have no confirm on a Bridgerton Season 2 yet, but like…. it’s a shoe in. Be still my beating heart.