Dr. Chris Brown Came Within Literal Seconds Of Starring In A Major US Soap

Here’s a hot scoop for you: Dr Chris Brown has the bone structure of an extremely sexy kettle. The kind of kettle that TV executives have lusted over for literal decades. Those lovely bones have easily whisked him onto TV screens across Australia over the years, but as it turns out they very nearly got him a plum gig on one of America’s most enduring and beloved soap operas as well.

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The Bondi Vet himself appeared on Nova drive show Kate, Tim & Marty yesterday and regaled them all with the tale of how he got within actual human moments of starring on The Bold & The Beautiful a couple of years ago while on a promotional trip to the US.

The story goes that CBS had picked up Bondi Vet for syndication in the States, and Brown was flown over to do some promotional appearances.

One of which, Brown asserts, was a casual walk-on guest role in a story arc of The Bold & The Beautiful; a gig that he got agonisingly close to doing, only to be thwarted at the last minute by a bureaucratic bungle.

I was over there to promote Bondi Vet on American television, and they wanted to promote it on CBS.

They said “We want you to do some publicity so we’ve got you on The Bold and the Beautiful.” I said to the publicist “Um, you know I’m not an actor?” and the publicist said “You know what Chris, it doesn’t really matter.”

I was like, “Oh, I don’t have a visa, I’m here on a publicity trip,” and they said, “Oh, we’re very strict about our unions here, so you cannot do our show.”

Get this, though. Not only was he supposed to play a role on the show, but his character was set to be Ridge Forrester‘s Australian cousin.

With a chin like that, who else could it possibly have been?