Bondi Hipsters Weigh In On The Olympics Opening Ceremony

If your thoughts on the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony was best summed up with the words ‘so ridic‘ you are echoing the sentiments of Bondi Hipsters, Dom and Adrian, who are currently located in London the home of Fabric night club doing research for a sports-luxe themed diffusion line of their organic fashion label.

Dom and Adrian shared with us a few of their thoughts regarding Opening Ceremonies in general…

DOM “Immediately I have problems with the concept of an “Opening Ceremony”… I mean why have a ceremony at all? Just do what it is that you are going to do. If you’re gonna run, just run, if you’re gonna jump, just jump… Don’t make a big fuss about it…. It’s your job. If bus drivers walked around shooting off fireworks every day before they went to work, nobody would get anything done, and people would probably be late to work.”

ADRIAN “Human beings are so easily distracted… Give someone a torch and get them to run through a city and they forget about everything… The class system, their oppression, their debt… and they scream at someone holding fire. It’s a person carrying fire on stick… it’s been done before, it will be done again, why are people so blown away by this?… Meanwhile, the “man” behind the “government ” is busy turning knobs making the clouds going away, whilst in the back of his mind he’s marginally concerned about the long term effects of weather manipulation.”

DOM “We walked past Victoria Park and Haggerston Park, where “the man” had some free Olympic screens set up, but they were totes packed with pasty punters, and it was all so commercial… So we got smashed and ended up watching the Opening Ceremony through blurry eyes at this full underground rooftop house party in Shoreditch… I know that doesn’t really make sense to call something rooftop and underground in the same sentence, but if you don’t get that, then we’re probably living on different plains of existence.”

This is how they took in the Opening Ceremony: