The Bondi Hipsters’ New Mockumentary Is A Look Back At The Chaos (And Conspiracies) Of 2020

The Bondi Hipsters are back just in time to reflect upon this dumpster fire of a year with their new Stan Original mockumentary Dom and Adrian: 2020. But for now, all we have is the official trailer, which dropped today.

The show is a look back all the shit that happened this year and how it affected our everyday lives, as told by *checks notes* a pair of USB-stick-slinging bush-doof DJs, or “USBJs”, as the boys call themselves.

From the bushfires to the pandemic to, uhh, the illuminati, every big break the boys get is ruined. However it’s also a chance for them to pivot to something bigger and better each time.

“I’m sure a lot of people think 2020 has been hard, but those people have no idea how hard it is to make a documentary,” said Dom (played by Nick Boshier).

Yes, natural disasters and highly-infectious virus have had severe impacts all over Australia, but would somebody please think of the hipsters in Bondi?!

In true 2020 style, there’s also a run-in with a conspiracy theorist or two, which is not a surprise after the 5G obsession that’s managed to spread all over Australia and around the world this year.

“If reptilians were running the country, surely they’d put Parliament House on top of Uluru, which is a hot rock, which is where reptiles would like to be,” Adrian (played by Christiaan Van Vuuren) said in the trailer. Facts.

In a way, it’s these 5G-truthers and reptilian-believers that have had the biggest year out of all of us.

“If you thought COVID-19 and lock down was tough for you – spare a thought for conspiracy theorists who have been saying this was going to happen for a decade,” he added.

“They’re spinning out the hardest.”

Dom and Adrian: 2020 will drop on December 13 on Stan, just in time for us to collectively look back in the past 12 months and simultaneously let out a big “uhhhhhh… what”.

If you still need your fix of conspiracy theorists and people whinging over beach closures, head on down to Bondi. Or, if you’re not in Sydney, join your (un)friendly neighbourhood Facebook group to hold you over until the special is out.