The Fresh Trailer For The Freddie Mercury Biopic Explores His Sexuality

The big extended trailer (!!!) for Bohemian Rhapsody, the upcoming biopic about Freddie Mercury and Queen, explores the late singer’s personal life, including his sexuality and struggle with HIV.

Bohemian Rhapsody looks to be covering Mercury’s entire career with the iconic UK band; from early beginnings in the 70s when he approached the band to sing with them, touring extensively, pushing the boundaries of rock music, experimentation in both music and personal lives, right through to his early and heartbreaking death in 1991.

We see snippets of Remi Malek perfectly cast as Mercury, going through phases of growing out his hair and moustache in the 70s, and donning a shorter cut for Bob Geldof‘s legendary Live Aid event in the 80s – all the while exploring his own sexuality and identity as both a performer and a notoriously private queer man.

The trailer is chockas full of little tidbits about Mercury’s life – from his much-loved cats through, to his dry, deadpan humour, through to his means of processing a positive HIV result – and to be honest I’m so god damn bloody razzed for this movie to hit our screens.

Check out the trailer below, and feel free to spend the rest of the day blasting Queen’s extensive back catalogue straight into your earholes.

The film is due for release in North America on November 2, and fingers crossed we’ll be able to get around it not long after that.